Red House Farm Livery is a family run business operated by Roy & Margaret Ledgerwood and Jeanette & Darren Vincent. Our aim is to provide well maintained facilities for horse and owner. While we mainly cater for owners who want to undertake full care of their horse or pony, we do have an arrangement in place with a freelance groom who is at the yard most days. This gives you the flexibility of only paying for what you need. You can of course make your own arrangements.

In the current financial climate, we are aware that owners need to be making savings where possible. Having seen the cost of shavings double from when we first opened nine years ago, We have changed our 'shavings only' policy to allow owners to use straw which is considerably cheaper.

We are also allowing 24 HOUR SUMMER TURNOUT. Horses and ponies are either turned out in electric pens during the day and returned to the paddock at night or can stay in the paddock day and night providing you have penned your share of the paddock off. There are some basic welfare rules attached e.g. no single horse or pony left out at night alone.

You can pen out on our second meadow at any time with your own electric fencing and energiser. The pasture is very well established as it has only been grazed periodically.